Our Mission

Our mission is based on the idea of friends helping friends. We provide financial assistance to cancer victims and their families.

Founded in 2019

Jamie Johnson, Chairman
Beverly Nittler, Vice-Chairman
TerryAnna Albright, Secretary
Dee Gieswein, Treasurer
Bob Alexander
Christy Alexander
Brenda Davids

How Friends Helping Friends Works

Friends Helping Friends uses 100% of the donations we receive to give financial assistance to local cancer victims and their families. A simple application process helps our Executive Committee identify who needs help and what kind of financial assistance would be most beneficial for their situation. There are a few requirements:

    1) You must be a citizen of Morris County or the surrounding area
    2) Have a current cancer diagnosis and be currently undergoing treatment
    3) Be experiencing a financial hardship due to your diagnosis.

If you do not meet the requirements but would still like to be considered for a blessing, please fill out an application. Our Board of Directors reviews all applications that are submitted. If funds allow, blessings may be given to those not meeting the requirements at the discretion of the Board. Please go to the "Apply Here" page to fill out an application. ​ ​
Friends Helping Friends also accepts corporate and individual sponsorships. Sponsorship money is placed in a separate business account from our "Blessings Account" and is used to finance the expenses incurred keeping our non-profit running. All Directors and Committee Members are volunteers and receive no compensation. Please contact us for more information on how you can be an annual sponsor of Friends Helping Friends.

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